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Hudson Mold Reviews

Albany Mold Contractors Remediation loca

Our home inspectors found mold in the attic and basement. From what our mold assessment report advised it was due to lack of ventilation. Addtionally we hired a mold remediation company to come in and clean/treat the mold. The mold assessment was pretty clear cut. Prices were great and owner was very personable and knowledgable. We had great experience with Hudson Mold. They gave us additional tips on preventing mold growth in other areas of our home.

Hudson Mold Assessors are great to hire prior to you Mold remediation project. We hired these contractors to assess out attic prior to remediation and the mold removal processes was flawless do to their pin point assessment. We would recommend them. Prices were also competitive and reasonable. Very professional, clear/detailed but simple report.

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