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Mold Remediation, Mold Assessments & Indoor Air Quality Testing

At Hudson Mold we specialize specifically in mold assessments. When Mold is discovered by a homeowner, home inspector, and or occupant there are 2 parties involved in identifying the mold and the mold remediation. A New York State Mold Assessor and a New York State Mold Remediator. New York State laws require a mold assessor to assess suspected mold problems prior to remediation being performed.

The responsibility of a mold assessor is to assess the mold problem. Our Mold assessors will write up a  remediation plan that is provided to the mold remediation company of your choice and returns to the Jobsite AFTER the mold remediation company remediates the mold to determine if the mold remediation was completely per the mold assessment. Our goal is to help our clients find a solution to their mold problem, so their homes will once again be safe.

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Hudson Mold LLC The Name You Can Trust For Mold Remediation & Mold Assessments

Mold Assessments

We are a mold assessment company that conducts a mold assessment and thoroughly evaluates your home. It all starts with a visual inspection of the potentially problematic area. We can provide an invasive assessment with a boroscope if needed . After assessing the severity of the mold we will proceed to determine the reason behind the mold growth, a method of correction and pass on the assessment report to your mold remediation company. The Mold remediation company will carry out our recommended remediation plan. After the remediation is completed our mold assessor will return to the site to verify the mold remediation was carried out in accordance to our mold assessment. Only when our team is confident the mold remediation job was completed according to our mold remediation plan will we sign off and close out the mold remediation job. 


If mold is readily visible Hudson Mold can perform indoor air quality testing. Our technicians will take air samples from various rooms and overnight the samples to an independent certified lab. Our indoor air quality reports will indicate any abnormalities regarding the indoor air quality test.

Mold Remediation

Mold is a threat for you and your family health, so it is important to hire a mold accessor who inspect your home and after completing the assessment give you a quote for mold remediation. Hudson Mold is providing best mold assessment in capital district area and our well trained mold removal professionals will provide you top quality honest estimation. Our mold remediation service is top notch and during mold removal process our experts will make sure to remove mold completely from your home and we always make sure that our client is satisfied from our remediation service. At Hudson Mold we assured the home owner that his/her home is safe from mold threat so with complete peace of mind he/she can close the deal with new possible buyer of their home. The mold removal expert will terminate the mold occupant which is exposed during the mold remediation process. Our mold specialist will make sure that the amount of mold contagion will not occur throughout the mold remediation which terminates the chances of mold returning and it will bring the value of refined product. Hudson Mold is the best NON FRANCHISED locally owned mold service provider in capital district area! Feel free to call us for free estimation.


Additional Services 

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) come from various building materials, furniture and chemical cleaners are just a few.

MVOC are volatile organic (chemical) gases discharged from a colony of mold growth.

The musty odor you smell is decay off-gassing from biological growth which includes molds, bacteria, and biofilm. Furthermore, these odors contain microbial volatile organic compounds.

Chemical gases are measured to conclude the levels of mold growth from within the home.

Formaldehyde is used in various cleaners such as fungicides, germicides and disinfectants. Additionally, formaldehyde is found in numerous building materials such as plywood, OSB board, compressed board and other wood pressed products.

The substances mentioned above can greatly affect your indoor air quality. Hudson Mold performs VOC, MVOC & Formaldehyde testing. Air samples taken during the air quality testing will be analyzed by our certified lab. Our air quality specialist can test your air for a WIDE RANGE of substances.

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